Pterosaur Finance


To a new chapter of yield generation on AVAX-C Chain
Pterosaur combines classic mining and nft applications in order to make the Pter token a community-backed, steadily growing token, which is our team's original intention and mission
Pterosaru nft (SANDSTORM)
Our project is mainly divided into three parts. The first part is mortgage mining to increase the TVL of our project and expand the circulation of Pter. The second part is the purchase and pledge of NFTs. By purchasing our NFT system, Pter tokens will be automatically destroyed to increase the circulation value of tokens, and users can also let us temporarily store NFTs to get Pter income. The third part is the game part. We are testing a DeFi card game, and the winner will be determined by the comprehensive ability value of NFTs, and will receive Pter rewards.
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